A day exploring digital ministry

We were thrilled to have some 56 people with us for our Digital Ministry Day on April 28. Below you will find links to videos from the main presentations of the day. We are also adding links related to some of the content presented at the workshops.

Please join in as we continue the discussion in our closed Facebook group. You need to request permission to join, but once in, you can be part of the conversation on the possibilities and challenges of digital ministry.

How digital media is changing ministry
This was a panel of four ministers discussing how they are using digital media in their ministry.
Phil Haslanger on pastoral care
Kerri Parker on community and faith formation
Nicole Havelka on worship and prayer
Daniel Schultz on the prophetic role

Theological dimensions of digital ministry
nick-buck3Nick Buck is the associate director of the New Media Project, which based at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis. Before earning his Master of Theological Studies he taught in both high school and adult education settings. He is currently editing a series of essays on sharing the Gospel and new media for the project. He will start work on a doctorate in ethics at the University of Chicago Divinity School this fall, while continuing to lead the New Media Project.

After Nick’s talk, there was a lively discussion. You can see it here.

Doctor Who and the Adaptations of Digital Ministry
NicoleRev. Nicole Havelka works with churches to connect vibrant faith formation to worship, leader development and more. She helped us think about doing digital ministry in a changing environment where there is a need to be constantly learning. In addition to being a coach/consultant, she is Minister for Resourcing, Networking & Creativity in the Ohio Conference UCC, is on the national staff of the UCC, and she was a founding member of Extravagance UCC.

Nicole showed a brief video about the rapid change in how media is used. You can see Social Media Revolution 2015 here.

Seeking Ministerial Boundaries for Social Media
DilleyRev. Elizabeth Dilley is from the UCC National Office. She is the Minister for Ministers in Local Church and has specialized in issues around social media and has helped the UCC develop guidelines for boundaries in the use of social media. She is also very active herself on social media.

Social Media and Boundaries for Authorized Ministers
Prezi presentation of the guidelines

Thanks to all for your interest in this. Please continue to send us ideas for ways we can continue the conversation.
Rev. Phil Haslanger, Memorial United Church of Christ
Rev. Kerri Parker, McFarland United Church of Christ